Pubcast 🎙

Pubcast is an open-source, experimental replacement for RSS built on ActivityPub.

What is Pubcast?

Pubcast is two things.

First, Pubcast is a technology, like email. That means anyone can write a Pubcast app or talk to another pubcast app. Second, Pubcast is a web server, that anyone can spin up. These servers can talk to each other over Pubcast's API. Okay cool

Pubcast is both email and gmail. The Pubcast project builds the technology that allow people to listen to podcasts in a new way, but we also build a way for people to use it. But anyone can build their own Pubcast player, server, or website.


Like Mastodon or PeerTube, Pubcast is federated. That means that anyone can start a Pubcast site. It also means that someone on Mastodon can subscribe to a Pubcast podcast and see it in their feed.

Pubcast podcasters get access to the existing Fediverse, a network of interconnected site with millions of users.


Unlike RSS, Pubcast is a two way protocol, which means it supports interactive elements. It also means we support anonymous analytics for podcasters, which helps them support themselves and grow their business.


Pubcast gives the features of a centralized platform like Spotify but with the independence of RSS. Because anyone can spin up their own Pubcast server, podcasters remain in control of their content and audience.

Open Source

Pubcast is an MPL licensed project and you can contribute! Check out our Github here.